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Landlords & Commercial Services

We can provide any of the services listed on this site on a regular contract basis, or if required as single call-outs.
We offer far too may services to list every one on a website but if you have had a read through our different pages you would probably be getting a feel of what it is we can do when it comes to landlord services.

Key Holding

We can take care of all your properties for you if need be holding keys and managing the whole operation should you not wish to pay expensive letting agents fees and get stung with an extra 20% for the agents arranging access and maintenance for you.


Let us deal directly with your tenants so if they have a problem they can call us direct if that would be preferable. Many landlords are realising just how cost effective allowing traders to deal with everything and not letting management companies. As with ever job no job would ever take place without your say so, so you don’t have to worry about surprise invoices turning up at your door either.

dry stone walling

Why choose Handyman Manchester Landlord services?

Because we do it day in day out, and have worked both sides of the fence. As a property owner myself understand the hassle of dealing with a variety of people to get a simple job done efficiently, having worked for letting agents who insist on adding large percentages on to traders quotes, also now trading as a handyman know how simple life could be if the property maintenance gets put into the right hands.