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Handyman Manchester Pricing

We price all our jobs on a fixed price basis, most of the time we will have to attend the property and take a look at the job in question before we can give you an accurate price. All quotes are written with a breakdown of everything line by line explaining what we we be doing, how much the labour charge is and how much the materials come to. If you require an hourly rate the price is £30 for the first hour followed by £10 for every subsequent half hour after that. if 2 people are required then that rate would be X2. After 1730 and at weekends it is £50 for the first hour and £15 for every subsequent half hour.

BUTOnly a few of our customers prefer an hourly rate and like to know exactly how much a job will cost before we start so if that’s you preference then we will give you a written quote for the job in question unless you specifically ask for the hourly rate.

Knowing the cost before we start a job means you always know we are not there to drag our feet and you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

We are able to give you some examples of job prices here at Handyman Manchester

  • Fitting curtain rails – From £10 per item
  • Plastering a wall – From £40
  • Changing lights – From £15
  • Painting a room – From £80
  • Hanging standard door – £40

The more jobs we carry out for you the better price we can give you, letting us manage the jobs in the most efficient way possible we can save us time and you money. We get asked a lot for quotes over the phone, although on occasion we are able to do this it is always better for both parties if the job can be viewed at a convenient time for yourself.

Best price on Manchester Handyman Services:

There are things you can do to bring the price of the jobs we do to a minimum, here are a few:

  • Ensure rooms to be worked on are not full of clutter
  • Let us buy your paints etc, we have trade account and can save you a fortune on over the counter prices
  • Prevention is cheaper than the cure (roof maintenance and bathroom sealing etc) these things checked every now and then can save a fortune if left unattended, so get then check before expensive damage is done to your property
  • Refer us to friends, we offer cash incentives for referrals.